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2016 Third International Material Forum Held in WUT

"The Third International Material Forum (IMF2016) for Sustainable Energy and Environment" was successfully held in WUT on May 24. Experts in the field of sustainable energy and the environment at home and abroad were invited to IMF to share the latest developments in the research field, and conduct in-depth discussions on the development of energy and environmental materials.

At the opening ceremony, IMF Chairman Professor Su Baolian, warmly welcomed the experts and scholars and introduced the development process of International Materials Forum. Professor Su is also a WUT strategic scientist, the Academician of Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences, serving at the State Key Laboratory of Materials Synthesis Technology. He hoped that the forum can provide a good communication platform for researchers in the field of energy and environment materials at home and abroad.

Keynote speakers include Professor Chen Xiaoming (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and TWAS and member of the IUPAC); Professor Chen Jiesheng of Shanghai Jiaotong University (winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, the Yangtze River scholar of the Ministry of Education); Professor He Heyong of Fudan University and Professor He Jing of Peking University.

Professor Francis Verpoort, WUT Expert of "1000 Foreign Talents Plan", delivered a keynote speech entitled "Defect creation via synthesis procedure in metal-organic frameworks", describing the applications of the MOFs with defect structure on catalysis. The Yangtze River Scholar of the Ministry of Education, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, and the Professor of School of Chemistry and Life Sciences in WUT, Dr. Sun Taolei delivered a keynote speech entitled "Chiral biopolymer interface material - from identification to function", describing the research progress and broad application prospects of chiral biopolymer interface materials.

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